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What are the dog cleaning products?


Do you know what cleaning supplies your dog needs? For example, professional pet shampoo is required for bathing, professional grooming tools are required for grooming, suitable combs and brushes are required for grooming, dental sticks, toys or pet toothbrushes are required for cleaning cavities. In addition, pet sprays for dog ectoparasites are also needed.

【Bath products】

Pet shampoo: The pH value of shampoo for humans is different from that of dogs, which is slightly alkaline. If you use it for a long time, your dog's hair will dry out, and in severe cases, it will cause hair loss and even skin diseases. So be sure to choose a professional pet shampoo for dogs.

Dry cleaning powder: suitable for puppies in winter, effectively avoiding colds and diarrhea caused by bathing.

Pet Ear Drops: Effectively eliminates odors, cleans the ear canal and kills various parasites in the ear canal.

【Beauty Products】

Trimming knife: Trim the miscellaneous hairs produced by the rapid growth.

Nail Clippers: Regular trimming can prevent floor damage caused by dogs grinding their claws.

Comb: Comb the dog's hair frequently, not only to clean the coat, but also to make the dog's hair healthy and shiny.

【Cavity Products】

Teeth cleaning bone, toys, and bite rope: it can remove tartar and food residue, protect oral hygiene, reduce bacterial growth, and prevent bad breath.

Toothbrush: Clean the dog's mouth to remove odor and prevent periodontal disease.

In addition to the dog cleaning products described above, pet spray is also required. At present, the safest and most effective product on the market to prevent and kill parasites is Fulian. Spraying Flynn on the dog's whole body can kill the parasites in the dog's coat in a short time, and it can also prevent it.

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