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What certificates are required for outdoor playgrounds?



What certificates are required for outdoor playgrounds?

The certificates that outdoor playgrounds need to apply for are as follows:

 1. Sanitation permits Outdoor playgrounds are places where public people gather, so the control of health inspections is very strict, and you need to go to the local health and epidemic prevention department where the playground is located. for the record. This can ensure the health and safety of the children's parents and prevent unnecessary troubles from happening. 

2. Fire inspection certificate The fire inspection certificate can go to the local fire brigade to apply for the "Fire Inspection Certificate". This certificate is generally needed in indoor amusement parks, and outdoor playgrounds are generally not needed, but playgrounds The required fire exits must also be reserved and clearly marked. 

3. Industrial and commercial business license The industrial and commercial business license is basically required by many industrial and commercial households. As long as it is an operator with full civil liability, it can apply for a business license for individual industrial and commercial households.

4. Entertainment business and certification The entertainment business license is a must. Outdoor playgrounds and amusement parks are generally a kind of entertainment activities operated by entertainment venues and belong to special industries. According to Article 9 of the "Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places", if an entertainment venue applies for engaging in entertainment venue business activities, it shall submit an application to the cultural department of the people's government at the county level where it is located; , shall apply to the local provincial, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the central government's cultural authority to apply for the "Entertainment Operation and Certification". When an entertainment establishment applies for engaging in entertainment establishment business activities, it shall submit the investment staff, proposed legal representative and other persons in charge who do not have certificates. Written statement of the circumstances specified in Article 5 of the Regulations

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