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How to choose cat litter?


1. pH value

The best pH value of cat litter for cats should be between 8-10. The dust in cat litter with a pH value over 10 is harmful to the respiratory system of humans and cats.

2. Moisture content

The water content of good cat litter is not high. If the cat litter you bought has a lot of dust, it means that the water content of this cat litter is too high. This kind of cat litter will usually be sticky when used, and it will often stain the cat. It's all over your feet, and after a long time, it will turn into powder when you touch it lightly with your hand

3. Adsorption

An important function of cat litter is to be able to absorb odors. Some brands of cat litter are very fragrant when they are just poured out, but they start to smell after the cat pulls them a few times. This kind of cat litter actually uses the added fragrance To cover up the taste, the effect is generally not long-lasting.

A good cat litter should contain a substance that can absorb odors—ammonia. Such cat litter can absorb all the odors, so as to achieve the purpose of deodorization.

4. Fragrance

It is not recommended to choose cat litter with too strong fragrance, which will affect the cat's sense of smell and reduce the sense of smell. The source of fragrance is divided into natural fragrance and artificial fragrance. The fragrance of natural fragrance is generally not too long-lasting. After a period of time, the smell of cat litter will disappear, while the fragrance of artificial fragrance will last forever.


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